Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Heart Box

Valentine's Day is almost here and I wanted to get in one more Valentine's Day post before it was here and gone.

Last year a dear friend walked up to me and said "Your crafty. Here, do something with us and make it pretty"

Her daughter's birthday is on Valentine's Day and she wanted to do something special. So my friend was collecting valentines and wanted a pretty box to put them in.

She found this one at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks but it was color of cardboard (seeing as that was what it was made of). You can still find them at Hobby Lobby in their Valentine's section. They are probably on sale this week since it is so close to the holiday.

So now that I had the box. I need to decide how to make it "pretty." I started by painting it a soft pink. Then I got to work on covering the top.

I started with pink card stock, a flower hole punch and those little pearly things you find in the bridal section of craft stores. I punched and punched and punched until I had a ton of little flowers.

Then working with two at a time, I would punch a little hole in the middle of the flowers and threaded a pearly thing into the middle. I then cut the end of it short and hot glued the flower into place on the top of the heart box.

I started by going on around the edge of the top of the box then I worked my way in. It took a lot of time but I just sat and watched my favorite show as I worked.

Now for the inside. I had painted it pink when I painted the outside, but I wanted to add just a little extra to make it special. So i just picked out some pretty scrapbook paper. I used the box to help me trace two hearts then I cut them out and glued them into the inside of the heart box.

I love how the box turned out and so did my friend. It only cost a couple of dollars (probably under $10) but it looks extra special.

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